Send Bulk SMS to all Nigerian networks at N2.00 per sms through the Nigerian Cheapest online Bulksms and customized test messaging At, we ensure that every text message is delivered promptly to its intended recipient
NB: Pls be aware of the recent DELIVERY ISSUES with MTN. It was caused by the automatic placement of about 40% of their subscribers to the DO NOT DISTURB (DND list). You can inform your contact groups on MTN network to check their DND status by texting STATUS to 2442. **Acc Name: Umeoguaju Francis, Acc No(Access bank):0056097171 >>>>> Send payment infor to +2348O9O749257. Pls note: ANY ACCOUNT THAT SENDS FRAUDULENT MESSAGES FROM OUR PLATFORM WILL BE DELETED INSTANTLY, WITHOUT ANY REFUND . **
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We offer SMS at wholesale prices with a sliding scale for bulk purchases.

Generally 1 SMS Message will cost you 1 SMS Credit. Please see our network coverage list here.
Cost per SMS N 2.30
Price N 23,000.00
Credit volume (quantity)price /sms (NAIRA)price /sms (US $)price /sms (EURO)
10 - 399N 3.00$ 0.02€ 0.02
400 - 9,999N 2.50$ 0.01€ 0.01
10,000 - 100,000N 2.30$ 0.01€ 0.01
100,001 - 1,000,000N 2.00$ 0.01€ 0.01